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Welcome to the Dragonfly Expeditionary Club!

The Dragonfly Expeditionary Club offers a one-of-a kind opportunity to explore and enjoy the hidden, mysterious and magical beauty, culture, history and ecology of South Florida.

Lead by the oldest and most prestigious tour company in South Florida, Dragonfly Expeditions, this yearly membership-based club fosters camaraderie and creates friendships among individuals, families and multiple-generations. We like to think of the Dragonfly Expeditionary Club as encouraging locals to explore our town as if we were on vacation all the time.

An urban adventure at your back door

So many places, all the time in the world

The Dragonfly Expeditionary Club is proud to partner with WLRN Public Media for its June Pledge Drive. Become a member through WLRN.org and help support independent journalism while discovering more about South Florida through our club. Every month offers new opportunities and new adventures to navigate. For more information call us at 866-247-9576, or visit WLRN.org


Leisure. Social. Local.

It’s like that “a ha” moment

It’s so incredible. It’s like the “a ha” moment you get when you wonder why you’ve never done this before! Discover why locals of all ages are subscribing to our  fun, active, educational, adventurous set of experiences that will make you love South Florida and its surroundings even more. We invite you to join us for an enchanting, fun-filled calendar of group activities that are free or greatly discounted.

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