Membership has its perks!

Airboating in the Everglades.

An adventure each month

Imagine having curated activities planned for you throughout the year including: at least one free tour each month, plus members-only offers, exclusive invitations to PBS film previews, holiday events, access to locations unavailable to others and much more! Membership makes it easy to enjoy great camaraderie, make new friends and have a great time with people from your own South Florida community!


From Cape Florida to the Keys and beyond

The Dragonfly Expeditionary Club's tours include a terrific mix of activities spanning the complete Southern Florida region, including Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe, with specialty tours to the West Coast, Tampa, Orlando and the Bahamas and the Caribbean as well.


Invite friends and family

Five free activity passes for visiting friends and family members to join in on the fun and exploration of South Florida.


Stories to take home

Each member of the Dragonfly Expeditionary Club also gets a free, autographed copy of South Beach: Stories of a Renaissance by Dragonfly Expeditions CEO Charles J. Kropke. Our expert speakers are also available for your organizations, schools, family events, etc. In addition, the Dragonfly Expeditions Library of Florida and the Caribbean is open to all members.

Exclusive offers

Receive exclusive offers from our partner companies:  Earth Lion Expeditions, Green Heron Gifts, Tropic Moon Media, and more.



includes a jam-packed calendar of unique
and fun activities throughout the year!

It's like a staycation only better!

Get exploring!

Membership includes:
Free or Low Cost Activities

At least one free group activity each month – plus two to three discounted members-only Dragonfly Expeditions (corporate parent) Legacy tours per quarter from a roster of 150 tours.  These include biking, kayaking or canoeing, cultural tours, historical tours, architectural tours, paleontology digs, curated dining experiences, plus exclusive access to locations unavailable to others!

Special Events

Holiday events such as our Halloween ‘Ghosts and Gravestones Tour’ and ‘Christmas Neighborhood Walk in Coral Gables' plus regular invitations to speaking engagements, PBS film previews, art installations, stargazing events, sea glass hunts, storytelling, and limited ‘behind the scenes’ opportunities.


Organized “Voluntourism” activities, including environmental cleanups and restorations, historic preservation, children's shelter events, wildlife protection acts.

Overnight Trips

A minimum of four overnight trips per year to places such as Everglades City, Florida Keys, the Gulf Coast of Florida, and more. We'll explore historic hotels, uninhabited islands, and places you thought only existed in novels and the movies.

Florida History +

Guided expeditions and top tier lectures on the area's most important treasures with access to expert speakers for your organizations, schools, family events, etc. The Dragonfly Expeditions Library of Florida and the Caribbean is also open to members. Plus receive an autographed copy of South Beach: Stories of a Renaissance, written by Charles J. Kropke, CEO of Dragonfly Expeditions.

Friends and Family Passes

Get five free activity passes ideal for visiting friends and family each year.