The Bahamas Expeditions

Nassau – The Island Shutterbug’s Journey

The heart of old Nassau pulses with energy, color and the echoes of history and generations past. Around every corner is the promise of a surprise or a great vista. Local people and tourists from the world over mingle on busy island streets. This is a place that calls out for artful photography.

Led by our talented local photographer/guide, today’s tour takes you on a circuitous route through the historic city core, capturing its ever-changing mood and its expressive people. Traverse the harbour-front road that once hosted some of the most notorious pirates of the Caribbean. Click away as you enter regal Parliament Square encircling the throne of a seated Queen Victoria. Climb to fringing neighborhoods with verdant canopies of tropical trees shading houses that span centuries. Explore the beautiful Queen’s Staircase carved into the city’s highest hill. This romp around town offers a challenging and inspiring setting for some of the best photography you have ever captured.

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