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Freeport, Grand Bahama – Studying the Queen Conch” The Intersection of Food and Culture

The regal Queen Conch, a delectable sea creature with an ornate deep-pink accented shell is embedded in the national psyche of the Bahamas. Islanders crack them, season them, cook them, serve them to friends, family and visitors alike and then mound the shells in giant, scenic piles around the island.

Jump onboard with us as we sail and then snorkel through the pristine waters that serve as home for local conch. Our guides elaborate on the powerful historical, cultural, and ecological significance of this invertebrate to the Bahamian life. Then, we dock at a handcrafted beachfront conch shack to experience first hand how the conch is extracted from its shell, prepared, and eaten. Throughout this journey we explore a collection of scientific data, opinions, and first-hand experiences covering all angles regarding the health and future of this legendary fishery.

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