Everglades Expeditions

The Everglades Experience

Traverse with us across the great southern expanse of Florida that is the Everglades. Renowned around the world in legend and lore, the Everglades today is a treasure to behold. Our experienced naturalists will bring this watery world to life, weaving the story of the human history, both Native American and settler into the natural evolution of the Glades as we move through three separate and distinct ecosystems: Sawgrass prairie, Cypress forest and Mangrove islands.

Our first stop gives you a unique opportunity to become familiar with a world-famous photographer and to view his stunning work. No one really expects to find an art gallery in the Everglades, but it’s there in the form of Clyde and Nikki Butcher’s Big Cypress Gallery. You may notice a few dozen gators in Clyde’s front yard. Don’t worry, as with any good neighbor, if you mind your own business, they will mind theirs.

Meander with us through an ancient Cypress dome only feet above the vibrant, teeming world of this river of grass. Witness the numerous forms of life that make this mysterious realm their home. Then venture with us through the quirky town of Everglades City, the center of Everglades life for over 100 years, and down to the historic fishing village of Chokoloskee where you will be visiting an old Indian Trading Post – virtually unchanged since the day it was built.

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