Florida Keys Expeditions

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Backcountry Sailing Expedition

Hop on a skipjack and set sail for an exploration of the Lower Key’s wondrous and enigmatic mangrove islands. The features of this ship allow it to sail in shallow waters, where other vessels cannot go. Guests learn all about the Keys’ ecosystem after switching to a sea kayak and paddling through a maze of mangrove-canopied canals and streams that are home to an incredible tropical array of birds, rays, sharks, sport fish and more.

We then snorkel over a variety of private and pristine patch reefs in the calm and protected waters of the Florida Keys backcountry that provide us with an exceptional and personal underwater experience. And, due to the topography of the islands and flats that surround this wildlife refuge, participants can be assured of great visibility and calm seas while snorkeling amidst a beautiful collection of corals, sponge gardens, tropical fish and dramatic marine life.

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