Florida West Coast Expeditions

Paddling in Paradise Isle of Capri Kayaking

Perhaps the most enchanting hidden area of Florida includes the mangrove tunnels and pristine barrier islands off of the Southwest Coast between Naples and Marco Island. Journey with us into the wondrous realm of Rookery Bay and the alluring waters off of the Isle of Capri. In this landscape of wading birds and tree crabs, the sunlit tunnels of a mangrove canopied corridor lure kayakers into the world of an ancient but unforgotten Florida.

Hear the stories of the Calusa people who once thrived in these watery byways and the kingdom that they built to rule over all of South Florida. Explore the flora and fauna of a pristine estuary. If fortune smiles upon us, we may spot a gentle manatee or some playful dolphins frolicking off of the coast. Be prepared to swim or explore the beaches of the barrier islands that gaze dreamily from this vantage point out into the Gulf of Mexico.

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