Florida West Coast Expeditions

The Great Florida Fossil Hunt

In a time when ancient mammoths, mastodons, camels and saber tooth tigers roamed the primeval, cycad-rich, tropic wilds of Florida, a series of creek beds and river bottoms became their mysterious final resting place. Even now, in these places of fascinating discovery and wonder, one can sense the slow passage of time and the faint echoes of antiquity.

We welcome those with inquiring minds and adventurous souls to escape with us on a journey back through time into Florida’s ancient past. Theorize on why so many of these fantastic creatures ended up in the same location and what their stories can tell us about this place.

Guided by one of Florida’s most noted fossil experts and author of the definitive guide to Florida fossil hunting, we will be screen-washing the shallow waters east of Fort Myers in order to search for the bones and teeth of these long-vanished species. Not since childhood has playing in the water and sandy creek bottoms been so much fun!

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