Miami-Dade County Expeditions

A Path through Old "Cocoanut" Grove

Pure experience is a most exciting way to learn. Stroll with us through the quaint, colorful, bohemian settlement of Coconut Grove for a peek behind the angled roads, charming shops and graceful canopies of storm-tempered trees that characterize the area today. Step into the past where an erroneously labeled post office turns a dense hardwood hammock into the semi-tropical paradisiacal town of "Cocoanut" Grove. See the historic site of the first hotel in the area - The Peacock Inn. Hear the inspiring story of Ralph Munroe while touring his unusual home, “The Barnacle,”which just so happens to be the oldest house in Miami-Dade County still in its original location.

Recount the tales of hardship and success as experienced by former slaves and Bahamian immigrants who founded the area now known as the “Black Grove.”As you envision the punishing battles with mosquitoes, swamp lands, and hurricanes, it will not be hard to empathize with the pioneer women who created the “House Keepers Club” in order to make a place of their own in this once foreboding wilderness. This walking tour celebrates, in grand style, one of Florida’s most beloved and eclectic communities.

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