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Nature Photography Expedition

If you have ever wanted to join the art of nature photography with the adventure of eco-travel, this trip promises to be a perfect balance of both worlds and a true adventure to remember. Discover Florida’s inspiring landscapes and search for wood storks, otters, herons, ibis and alligators to capture as your next photographic subjects. Travel into the wetlands for an exceptional photography expedition into Florida’s unique natural beauty. Personally guided by our nature photographer Rick Cruz, guests travel through a distinct marshland. Rick Cruz was born in Havana, Cuba but came to the United States at the age of one with his family to live and grow up in South Florida. Rick’s love for Florida’s wilderness developed while traveling between Miami and Sarasota as far back as he can remember. He now hikes and explores through those same areas with camera gear in hand.

For Rick, his camera has become his third eye. Not only does he possess the keen sense and natural instinct as a photographer, but also a driving passion to capture the “right shot.” Rick prefers black and white as his medium of choice to best reflect nature’s true dimensions of light and shadows. Florida’s ever-changing landscape challenges Rick to adapt different techniques to bring to life through his photographs. He has become an internationally renowned photographer and his work is exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States and Europe and has been published in numerous books.

This photo workshop will focus on artistic composition, not on technical aspects; participants must have a prior working knowledge of their own camera.

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