Miami-Dade County Expeditions

Key Biscayne -A Journey by Cycle

This 10-mile bicycle jaunt takes us across the charming island of Key Biscayne, a place so hospitable that it was sought out by the Tequesta Indians who first inhabited South Florida. Hear the story of how the growing number of wrecks brought to this place a remote lighthouse outpost that to this day remains Miami-Dade County’s oldest structure. Reflect on the experiences of early coconut palm plantation settlers who braved hostile Seminoles and hurricanes.

As you pedal through the lush flora you see how the devastating force of Hurricane Andrew created a unique opportunity for the restoration of the original ecosystem. Interspersed with the island’s abundant tropical vegetation, you experience breathtaking views of the watery off-shore community of Stiltsville and white sand beaches facing the open ocean.

After passing through the village of Key Biscayne, we explore the unusual oddity of an antiquated and abandoned zoo that echoes of visitations past. Watch out for the new tenants: a large variety of waterfowl and iguanas in every imaginable size and color combination. Enjoy the pleasures of a slower pace almost as if you were transported back in time to a less hectic era.

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  • John Destruge

    Hello. i would like to schedule a tour on the 28 or 29 of December. I am a member of the club but never used your services.