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Healing Wildlife at the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station

The amazing array of wild birds in Florida has been the source of great interest and beauty since the explorations of famed bird-chronicler James Audubon. Birds were an integral part of Indian lore and ceremonial display for centuries preceding Audubon’s wanderings. Today, Florida’s wild birds have to compete with population growth and human-related changes to the environment in order to maintain their ancient habitat. Unfortunately, this process involves the injury and death of many birds caused by human error or carelessness.

Since 1980, the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station has worked tirelessly to rescue, heal and perform emergency surgery on injured Florida seabirds. When possible, they are released back into the wild. In this heartwarming tour, we visit the dedicated staff of the Seabird Station and hear how they perform miracles on a daily basis. See the operating table and x-rays of birds in trouble. Hear about the procedures set up to handle incoming injured birds. You also have the opportunity to ask questions of the station’s management. To cap off a great visit, we gather for the daily 4:00 PM feeding, when a feathered melee erupts as dozens of birds compete for their daily fish dinner. Their antics and excitement will leave you with a smile on your face. This tour is an animal lover’s treat.

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