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Great Discoveries on the Bay - A Kayak Journey

Push off from the shoreline into a world of exquisite beauty. Our kayak journey takes us along the coastline of what the first adventurers called the “Chequescha Bay.” The richness born of the confluence of fresh and salt waters in what is today called Biscayne Bay drew many peoples to this place - from the Tequesta Indians, Spanish explorers, privateers and pirates to modern day pioneers. Reflect on how ancient peoples used the area’s resources for their livelihood and how perspectives of the settlers have changed over time. Hear the story of how a magnificent Italian villa came to life on the bay and view it in a way few others can.

As you paddle past mangroves teeming with life as well as historic and modern mansions, you will see what dramatic changes the shoreline has experienced. You will encounter breathtaking views of the open bay and learn of the close connection between the waters lapping at your kayak’s hull and the struggle for Cuban freedom. Learn why the preservation of these shallow waters is so important to wildlife and humans.

You will explore the ecology and history of this unique bay the same way most humans have witnessed it over thousands of years. As the locals say, “We all came by water.”

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