Miami-Dade County Expeditions

Coral Gables - The City Beautiful

Join us for an amazing tour through one of America’s most beautiful historic cities: Coral Gables, George Merrick's vision realized. Learn the history of his dream as we tour the tree-lined avenues and stunning Mediterranean-influenced architecture that would eventually become his legacy.

Explore the historic halls of one of South Florida’s most architecturally important landmarks: the Biltmore Hotel. Learn about the building’s many colorful stories and how she was resurrected into the legendary beauty she is today. Allow us to filter through the truths, untruths, ghosts and glamour that capture the essence of South Florida style and history in this truly amazing landmark.

Sit back and let our guides bring to life Merrick’s vision while they uncover the city’s hidden wonders. What you’ll discover along our less-traveled path will enrich and engage you and leave you with something most visitors and even locals never experience … a true sense of place.

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