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The Trail to Winter Garden – An Ecological and Historical Bike Tour

The gentle rolling hills and freshwater lakes of Central Florida were once a realm of unequaled natural beauty. A perfect climate and generous soil encouraged citrus growers to plant orange and grapefruit trees throughout the region. Idyllic, small farming towns connected by a series of short-run railroads tied the area together and the living was good.

This Florida version of small-town America along with nearby remnant strands of virgin wilderness will roll out before us as we travel on the trail to Winter Garden. See stately live oaks draped in Spanish moss and finely-crafted vernacular Florida architecture aged gracefully in the embrace of this peaceable community. Traverse the former passageway of a now defunct railroad as it draws us into the quaint downtown district of Winter Garden and join us as we explore the proud heritage museum in the heart of the village. If Norman Rockwell weren’t a New Englander, he might have felt right at home in our little town.

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